Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 2

Day 2 was fairly exciting, we basically had to complete our DC motor kit. It was more of luck than skill, to get everyone just right to the electromagnetic force will spin the shaft. With all the wiring, coiling, recoiling and recoiling, it took a lot of time to get everyone perfect. There was no 'in between' get right or wrong. Eventually, we got to the point where we gave up as it was 'lost hope'. We scrapped the kit. After lunch, while the rest of us were working on our slides, one of us got a professor to help out. He reworked the entire motor, and after much anticipation, we got the motor working

Though we were not the first or the second, we still completed out goal. The motor, although does not spin very fast, we the result of our hard work, and a considerable amount of luck.

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